Sunday, 29 September 2013

Korean eats - Kangnaru, Kimchi and Daorae

Korean cuisine from Sungai Petani to Penang.
Kangnaru's Grilled pork belly
Kimchi stew

Kimchi's banchan (side dishes) and grilled pork belly 
Kimchi Jigae (kimchi stew)

Daorae's grilled pork belly
Kimchi stew
Sitr-fried beef rice
Kimchi jeon (pancake)
Kangnaru, Sungai Petani | Kimchi, Tanjung Bungah, Penang | Daorae, Krystal Point, Penang

I usually stick to the same dishes with Korean food unless I'm in the mood for the odd ddeokbokki (rice cake), bibimbap or some other type of soup. Kangnaru's most probably the one I've frequented the most as there are only two options of Korean restaurants in Sungai Petani.

P/s: photo credits to Hui who has been super diligent in making her very own kimchi!!

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