Thursday, 22 August 2013

Hendrick's Event at Patio bar de tapas

Patio bar de tapas, Georgetown, Penang - this was on 20th August 2013, Tuesday evening. The event hosted fifty-five guests. Hendrick's supposed botanical inspired canapes (I didn't get a whiff of canapes, they were more of a finger food thing) were served intermittently. 

Hendrick's gin

Cocktail list of the evening: 
Southside Earl Grey
Hendrick's & Tonic
Gin Basil Smash
Hendrick's Martini

The Gin Basil Smash was a hit 

Bruschetta. Yes. Not toasted -.- 

Grilled fish and what-tasted-like-pasta

Kebabs. I was told that it's pork.

Fried chicken with sweet and sour sauce.

Hendrick's ambassador - Erick Anderson.
A pour of lemon juice

Some Hendrick's

swamped with orders

Limited bar stools, naturally - we were lucky to have snapped up two.
The martinis

The Basil smash. 

Oh, and another thing, dress code - the roaring 20's LOL.


  1. Patio is a great spot for events. :-)

  2. just made a short visit to patio tonight. awesome place! only manage to try their sangria and yes its a must to try!
    will visit soon again for their food and tapas :D

    1. LOL will try it out once I've got the chance.