Monday, 23 December 2013

Melaka, Day 2

Saturday, 14 Dec 2013
Blissfully quiet
Ginseng soup with brown rice
Fish maw and cod fish in claypot - the happy soup
Bean curd served with petite abalone sauce
Stir-fried french beans with Pu Er tea
Longan with sea coconut
Dried scallop & petite abalone mixed rice
Addictive black sesame buns
Mee suah with herbs & rice wine
Mee suah with dried scallops & abalone slices 
Tang Shifu
The looming piggy lantern
Garlic fried rice
Shake harasu sashimi (salmon belly sashimi)
Tanin don (rice topped with cooked sliced beef & egg)
Gyuniku amiyaki (grilled sliced beef with amiyaki sauce)
Shake mentai yaki (grilled salmon with cod roe mayo)
Shio yaki sake (salt grilled salmon) - "brilliantly" dry, flaky affair despite requesting for not overcooking it
Cha soba - the eggy
 Cha soba - the sesame seeds, green onions and noodles