Sunday, 18 August 2013

Hatyai - Dent Cafe (Sneak Peek)

A look into the Hatyai trip. 24 hours, two countries and ah, yes - by car.

The small but interesting cafe which got us gaga with the dental clinic set-up on the second floor and a cafe on the ground floor.

A hit of cooling air condition is pure bliss after the smoldering hot sun of Hatyai as we decided to seek refuge in a small and quaint-looking cafe.

The menu in front of the counter

A shot of the honey americano before it was poured into the cup of ice



of the Decor

The dental clinic upstairs was closed
Is it legal to own a cafe AND a dental clinic right above

Although it was closed, we got a glimpse of the dental clinic upstairs. The dentist works as a lecturer in the Prince of Songkla University and operates in the private clinic after lectures.

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